beautysnake said: do you know how the whole thing with 4chan started? I'm still rather confused



It’s a big misconception that “most of Tumblr brought this on themselves!! wahhhh”

What really happened is this -

/pol/, the politics section of 4chan, posted a fake 4chan raid on /b/, the random section of 4chan, which was this


/pol/ was basically trolling /b/,  and in fact /pol/ actually despises tumblr politics, but apparently there were a few tumblr SJWs hanging around 4chan that actually saw this post and took it seriously and raided on July 4th.

What they didn’t expect is that they didn’t know how to work the 4chan website. 3 feminist threads were posted in /b/ and promptly banned, and that was the end of said “tumblr raid”

It’s not 4chan, but /b/ (random, a section of 4chan) responsing to this “raid.”

Their response was obviously to “”troll”” with gross images from various corners of the internet because they know how “”sensitive”” the tumblr community is about triggers - they often post disturbing pictures/videos of murder, gore, animal abuse, rape, and hardcore porn on their boards they are desensitize to so they basically dumped folders of that shit in what they believed to be the most visited tags.

now they are trying to do things like photoshop selfies on porn and post them everywhere - which they can get arrested for if reported, because it’s slander, sexual harrassment, harrassment and even possibly pedophilia/possession of child porn if the selfie was of someone underaged. i honestly didn’t care much about this raid until then.

so to conclude?

  1. /pol/ started it
  2. those few SJWs were stupid wandering into territory they didn’t know about
  3. i think /b/ was just as stupid to overreact and retaliate like they did because they acted like Tumblr was a hivemind of some sort that came up with this idea when most of us probably want nothing to do with 4chan

what’s really funny is that they were so butthurt by this “”raid”” they wanted to take it to this level lmao, but i don’t think they care, most of them are misogynistic MRA dudebro neckbeards that can’t spend a second away from the computer screen and are here to laugh at us

So, I was looking for a little info on what exactly has gone down, and this is the most comprehensive/least RAEG biased post I found.



The Internet’s Own Boy

If you haven’t watched this yet, please rectify that situation. Highly recommended.

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Watch the video of this 3D rendering young girl

australia, 46
canada, 54.
india, 103.

what the fuck dude.

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"Information companies aren’t the same as pharmaceuticals. They don’t need to do clinical trials before they put a product on the market. They can psychologically manipulate their users all they want without being remotely public about exactly what they’re doing. And as the public, we can only guess what the black box is doing."

What does the Facebook experiment teach us? — The Message — Medium (via iamdanw)

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How To / Why Leave Facebook

Nick Briz


All you ever need to know about computers. From The Computer: A Ladybird How It Works Book (1979 edition)

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"If you’re using the Internet, you are being experimented on. Period."

Pop Loser No. 5: Watched with the detachment of god. (via krislane)

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NSA considers anyone who researches Tor or Tails to be a target for ongoing suspicion


America’s National Security Agency gathers unfathomable mountains of Internet communications from fiber optic taps and other means, but it says it only retains and searches the communications of “targeted” individuals who’ve done something suspicious. Guess what? If you read Boing Boing, you’ve been targeted. Cory Doctorow digs into Xkeyscore and the NSA’s deep packet inspection rules.

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Motorola T03 transistor, circa 1950s.


Motorola T03 transistor, circa 1950s.


Nam June Paik, 1999


Nam June Paik, 1999

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Denver Street Arcade Attracts Gamers Of All Ages : NPR

cool project with some @uofdenver alums on the team!

"Not until a machine can write a sonnet or compose a concerto because of thoughts and emotions felt, and not by the chance fall of symbols, could we agree that machine equals brain—that is, not only write it but know that it had written it."

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"Last week, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) published a study that conducted a large-scale experiment on Facebook. The authors of the study included an industry researcher from Facebook as well as academics at the University of California, San Francisco and Cornell University. The study employed an experimental design that reduced the amount of positive or negative emotional content in 689,000 Facebook users’ news feeds to test whether emotions are contagious. The study has since spawned a substantial controversy about the methods used, extent of its regulation by academic institutions’ review board, the nature of participants’ informed consent, the ethics of the research design itself, and the need for more explicit opt-in procedures."

The Beneficence of Mobs: A Facebook Apologia | Brian Keegan